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What we do

Malpine provides infrastructure and investment consultancy services to Government Agencies and the private sector. Our services include project governance, transaction management, asset management and challenge team consultancy.

Government Agency Services

Project Governance

Assisting Government Agencies establish, maintain and improve infrastructure project governance systems for finance, banking, accounting and tax compliance by providing input to Project Control Groups or Steering Committees.

  • Setting up terms of reference
  • Advising on PPP and financing options
  • Developing project plans
  • Assessing risk
  • Overseeing delivery of projects
  • Troubleshooting

Economic Analysis

Preparing Cost Benefit Analysis and Financial Modelling for major infrastructure projects to support Business Case Development.

Transaction Management and Delivery

Facilitating asset management for Government Agencies by providing input to Steering Committees or overseeing project management of the transaction.

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Overseeing shortlisting and selection process
  • Negotiating tenders
  • Investment due diligence
  • Technical due diligence

Unsolicited Proposal Submissions Consultancy

Providing soundly based guidance on the submission of unsolicited proposals to government, with a view to maximising the probability of a positive outcome.

Malpine developed the Unsolicited Proposal Guidelines in conjunction with the Department of Premier and Cabinet in NSW, and administered the assessment of a wide range of unsolicited proposals put to government. The guidelines closely mirror those adopted by the Victorian Government.

Private Sector Services

Infrastructure Investment Management and Asset Management

Providing governance, technical, and risk management input and insight into government processes to help private investment companies with investments and asset management.

Challenge Team Consultancy

Contributing a broad level of commercial, technical, financial and strategic insights from both public and private sector perspectives to help strengthen construction company bids for major infrastructure projects.

Expert Witness Services

Providing expert witness services relating to infrastructure investment. Recent projects have involved analysis of the impact of various patronage estimates on an investment proposition.