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Who we are

Malpine is run by Brian McGlynn, a highly experienced infrastructure and investment consultant with a unique combination of technical, financial, government, and private sector experience of major infrastructure projects and PPPs.

Brian set up Malpine in 2008 to provide high-level infrastructure project and investment management consultancy services to governments and private sector firms. With a strong engineering and finance background, and experience spanning almost every aspect of infrastructure project delivery for both the public and private sector, Brian can provide valuable and unique insights into the assessment, structuring and execution of infrastructure projects and also advise on transaction and asset management.


Infrastructure Project Governance and Leadership

During his career, Brian has held leadership roles ranging from Chief Engineer of Commonwealth Bank to Fund Manager for Colonial First State.

He has over 20 years’ experience directing infrastructure companies in the final stages of construction and the early years of development. He is currently a director of 3 infrastructure companies: Aquasure, Hancock Victorian Plantations, and Celsus Pty Ltd, the owner of Royal Adelaide Hospital.

He also regularly helps NSW Government Agencies establish and maintain infrastructure project governance systems by chairing or advising Project Control Groups and Steering Committees.


Infrastructure PPPs and Project Management and Delivery

Brian has a strong background in engineering construction and design and has been involved with PPPs since their inception. He has directed 4 successful Infrastructure PPPs from start up to full operation and is extremely familiar with Government processes, having contributed to the management and delivery of 8 major infrastructure projects.

As a result of his combination of high-level technical and financial knowledge and experience, he has been called on to provide input on all aspects of major infrastructure projects, from governance through to delivery.

This has included advising on PPP options, financing options, project structure, and procurement. He also regularly provides financial and economic analysis to support Business Case Development and negotiates tenders on behalf of Government Agencies.


Transaction Management and Delivery

Brian has over 20 years’ experience in the banking and investment management industry, 10 of these actively participating in asset purchases and sales. He also has a sound understanding of both Government and Private Finance, including PPPs.

In recent years he has worked with Government Agencies to facilitate the sale of a number of assets, providing significant insight into private investor requirements and relevant accounting and tax issues.

As well as providing input to Government Steering Committees in this area, he has significant experience of overseeing the operational aspects of transaction management.


Investment Management and Asset Management

Brian has over 10 years’ experience of participating in asset purchases and sales, 7 of these as Fund Manager and Investment Director for Colonial First State. He also oversaw over 50 major technical due diligence sign-offs for major infrastructure project loans as Chief Engineer of Commonwealth Bank, including its first infrastructure loan.

His extensive investment due diligence, investment analysis and transaction experience is complemented by a solid knowledge of the technical aspects of the key assets in most infrastructure areas. He is a regular high-level advisor to Government Agencies involved in planning major infrastructure projects and managing assets.

He has also chaired numerous audit and risk committees for both public and private sector organizations.